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Sofie's Torure Erlinsbach / Aarau Tattoo Studio, Tattoo Studio, Tattoo Aarau, Tattoo Studio, Tattoo Aarau, Sofie's World Tattoo Aarau

Tattoo Aarau

Welcome to Sofie's Torture Tattoo & Piercing studio

/ Sofie's World in Erlinsbach / Aarau.


Are you looking for your tattoo or

If you would like to decorate yourself with a piercing, then come to my tattoo studio!


a tattoo should be unique. The most important thing when tattooing is, in addition to professional work, competent and detailed advice.

Getting a piercing is a quick process in itself. However, it is all the more important that you get the best advice before putting on your new body jewelry.


I would be happy to explain this to you in this way

Opportunities also for cover ups & Acupuncture piercings, procedures of the procedure and everything

Important information about tattoos and Ppiercing on.


Our tattoo studio You can find opening timeshere.

Information aboutTattoos,piercings &Expeducation can be found on the following pages.

The best way to reach us is byWhatsApp, SMS or telephone +41 76 456 75 58

We will get back to you as quickly as possible.



A visitor parking space is available to you Disposal,


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Walk in Days
You can find upcoming walk in days
here. Otherwise, we ask you to make an appointment to have time for you.

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